About the History of Electricity

James Farol Metcalf was a dear friend of mine with a shared interest of induction heating.

He wrote an extensive collection of notes about electric history in general, and induction heating in particular, which I found to be a fascinating look at how the industry developed into what it is today. He freely shared notes, anecdotes, books and papers with me, simply because he knew I was interested in coilguns.

However, he was a far better researcher and writer than he was a webmaster. His many pages of material were more like a loose stack of papers than a web site. And so, when he developed terminal cancer, and it seemed that his treasure trove was at risk of losing a long-term web presence because the future of the ISP hosting was unclear.

I'm a webmaster by profession and I owe Jimmy a debt of gratitude. So I volunteered to provide a permanent home for all of his material. I can make it more readable and organized simply by rearranging his existing pages of text, and applying modern web styling techniques.

My web pages contain text unchanged from Jimmy's original wording. His original pages, as long as they last, are found at

James Farol Metcalf, 77, of Weaverville, NC, died Monday, April 27, 2009.


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