History of Electric Induction Heating

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By James Farol Metcalf


15 APRIL 1996

Dear Jim

I am sure you will quickly overcome the "crash" of your hard drive and as you say will have a better product for it. It sounds like a lot of work, but you were never one to shy away from work.

More particular, though, I am sorry you were disappointed in the way we handled the Russian sale. Frankly, I thought we portrayed you pretty much the way you liked to portray yourself - "just plain Jimmy" with a tremendous talent for handling international sales and international affairs. I think the average reader would be impressed, even though I may have neglected to include some of the superlatives that might have expressed the admiration I held for your ability to function in that complex environment.

Jimmy, the carbon-carbon affair was only a few pages in a 400 page book covering some of my personal problems and the history of Inductotherm and was not intended to be a treatise on the subject. The press generally, and NEWSDAY specifically, wrote ten times as much on the subject and most of their writings were far less complimentary (perhaps even vicious). If there were circumstances that I was not familiar with or are contrary to what Jack Smith came up with in his studies, and if it is important to put these in the record at this late date, then I would suggest that you publish your account or your memoirs as you feel appropriate. I am not sure it will accomplish what you want to accomplish, but I am sure you know far more than I do about the entire incident.

All in all, in talking with you on the phone, you seem to be relaxed now and enjoying what sounds to me like semi-retirement in the North Carolina hills. It sounds like a lot more fun than maneuvering through the bureaucracies of Russia, England, and the U.S.A. use to be, and many times I find myself a little envious.

So stay in touch and I'll look forward to reading your account.


Henry M. Rowan



He responded on April 29, 1996

With regard to " depositing" your book in the library, I am not sure you need my assistance. If you make it really positive and constructive, it will find it's own outlets and be in demand, and I know you can do that if you choose to.

"Always nice hearing from you,



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