History of Electric Induction Heating


By James Farol Metcalf

Memo from British Home Office That Metcalf is Deported


James Farol Metcalf Esq.

5 August 1988

Dear Sir:

The Secretary of State has decided that your departure from the United Kingdom would be conducive to the public good for reasons of national security in view of the nature of your contacts and dealings with the Soviet authorities and in particular your promotion of Soviet defense interests. Accordingly, he has decided to make a deportation order against you by virtue of section 3(5)(b) of the Immigration Act 1971 requiring you to leave the United Kingdom and prohibiting you from returning whilst the order remains in force.

By virtue of section 15(3) of the Act, you are not entitled to appeal against the decision to make a deportation order but, if you wish, you can make representations to an independent advisory panel. You will be allowed to appear before the panel if you wish to do so but may not be represented. To such an extent as the advisers may sanction, you may be assisted by a friend and arrange for third parties to testify on your behalf. You should inform the officer who hands this letter to you whether or not you wish to make representations to the panel of advisers.

If the Secretary of State makes the deportation order you will, by virtue of section 17(1) of the Act, have a right to appeal against removal to the country specified in the removal directions on the grounds that you ought to be removed to a different country specified by you.

Yours faithfully