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Electric History - Information About Vera's Visa After Metcalf Was Deported
History of Electric Induction Heating


By James Farol Metcalf

Information About Vera's Visa After Metcalf Was Deported

Moscow, USSR

5 March 1989

Home Office

London, England

S Spence

Dear Sir:

This letter is to inform you that the British embassy in Moscow issued an entry visa for my Russian wife, Vera Metcalf, to visit the United Kingdom on or before May 13, 1989. This visa was supported by one of her friends in London. We understand the Home Office called this person to be sure that she did not intend to remain in England before the Home Office approved the visit. We wish to thank you for this privilege to make a short visit to see the friends she made during her nearly six years in the United Kingdom. Let me assure you that I will not allow these trips to become habit forming due to fiscal limitations and for sure will not follow any path that again promises that she can become a British citizen. My fate which required me to live in London was a life long prison sentence and having escaped will not be caught again.

This document will record the history of our departure from the United Kingdom and the aftermath.

A young free lance journalist was hired to prepare the brief required for the panel of advisors. In order to keep the costs down he was also given the exclusive rights to any new stories that would come out of the affair including a forced deportation. He was very excited when he received a duplicate of all the documents that were furnished in the sealed box furnished to the Home Office.

He wrote two articles, which exposed the misinformation campaign of the Pentagon. He tried to sell these articles to Scotland on Sunday, Sunday Times and the New Statesman but they refused based upon the fact that the British government had put a press gag on the story as a matter of national security. Without the press my legal council advised that there was no way to win the case.

You were told in a telephone conversation after your letter of September 28, 1988 that I understood the English language and therefore the full meaning of your letter. The issuance of the visa for my wife leaves me a little confused as to my status in the case she brings her husband with an American passport with her on the pending visit.

I left London on a standby basis on October 6, 1988 so you did not know my travel plans until the last minute. A special customs officer was in New York on my arrival. He only wanted to know how to contact me in the future. This group was contacted in early January 1988 after the television news released a sketch that was not allowed by export laws. They did not want to talk with me and they already knew where to find me. This showed that you were in contact with the American authorities and as a matter of courtesy they met me to report back to the British or it meant that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. On his hand written notes he did have the name of Frank Rovella who was a Special Customs agent that had been assigned to the Consarc case in 1985. I called him the next day to arrange a meeting. He was in no hurry and only said that he wanted to be updated because he had not seen me for almost four years.

You were out of your office so I spoke with Knight to inform him of the fact that Vera departed London for Moscow on October 15. Knight told me that he knew nothing about the report to the American authorities. We agreed earlier that the documents would remained sealed at the Home Office until instructions as to their disposal was received in written form. Knight told me that the draft of my book, which was sealed in the box, was most revealing and interesting.

After many telephone calls to Washington a meeting was arranged with the authorities for October 20. My request to record the meeting was refused. During the seven hours of meetings it became clear that their files were not accurate and their opinions were based upon training and hearsay. Not a single person would agree to do any kind of business with Russia. It appeared that they only wanted to confirm what they had already told Congress in December of 1987. The report of that hearing had not yet been issued as it was being cleaned up by the various agencies of government.

I was facing my accuser from the Pentagon, with false facts, not wanting the facts, without a last name, and would not even tell me the department where he worked. This man clearly had an education in engineering but had no knowledge of the carbon process. At one point during the interview he made a false technical statement which was damaging my argument. When I challenged his knowledge in front of the group, he became very angry and said, "How can a hillbilly with one year of chemistry at a Bible College know more than I do." During his anger he stated that in a court of law he would find me guilty of breaking the law. I asked him to show proof so the officers present could arrest me. His comment was that we had designed an isopress for pressures in excess of that allowed by selling a cold press modification that was higher than the hot one. I pointed out that this was normal design and that nothing was designed by myself or in the States. When shown the official documents that the high pressure requirements were removed from the contract early in 1983, he had no more questions. We ended the day by agreeing that there were two sides of the question of trade with the Russians.

When the subject switched to Vera the real question was about her activities as a KGB agent. I met Vera more than fifteen years earlier and if she was an agent of any government it was the best kept secret of all time. The group had already seen that day how I had allowed and assisted the paranoia of Pearl's Pentagon to cause the British government to embargo a contract which got me out of major technical and fiscal difficulties. When I challenged any department of government to give me any small evidence that she might be KGB so I could leave her in Russia and annul the marriage to save a divorce payment, they all shut up and did not raise that question another time.

Royce of Newsday was given the same challenge to support his newspaper's statement that she may be KGB so I could get a cheap divorce. He told me that he would have to protect his sources but wished I would forget about the print since the whole thing was printed with tongue in cheek. He would not even drive across town to see the documents, which proved my case and the fact of the Pentagon's misinformation campaign.

The government files could contain false information that would not allow me to get a security clearance for future jobs or allow Vera to get her American citizenship when the time comes. The American government has already shown that it can be brutal when it comes to certain peoples as it did to the innocent German people living in the States in World War 1 and to the Japanese in World War II.

Thomas Dick MBE (Member British Empire) contacted me in Moscow to discuss continuing a project in Scotland, which we had discussed several years ago. He was told that my entry might not be allowed for that purpose and additionally a joint venture with the Soviets using their technology for sales of restricted products to the West was seriously being considered. Will the immigration officers allow me to visit for business purposes?

All of the documents, which were shipped from Scotland, are somehow missing. The journalist has not forwarded my mail and I can not find or remember his name or address. Will the immigration officers allow me to enter to clear up financial matters including private debt and tax liabilities?

I again assure you that I am not a security risk and will not be one.


James Metcalf


Vera was still in Boston when the following letter arrived. My 1989 chronologies contain the following entry. 3 May 1989: In Boston. VERA FLIES TO LONDON WITH A BRITISH VISA IN HER RUSSIAN PASSPORT.


Lunar House, Croydon

20 April 1989

Dear Mr. Metcalf

Thank you for your letter of 5 March to Mr. Spence in which you enquire about the possibility of re-admittance to the United Kingdom either as a business k

On 5 August 1988, the Home Secretary gave his personal direction under section 13(5) of the immigration Act of 1971 that you should not be granted entry to the United Kingdom on the grounds that your exclusion would be conducive to the public good and being in the interests of national security.

As Mr. Spence advised you in his letter of 30 September, there is no right of appeal against this decision and I have therefore to inform you that you will not be allowed leave to enter the United Kingdom for as long as this exclusion order remains in force.

I trust this now clarifies your position.

Yours sincerely

MA Leppard

Immigrations Department

For the next six years I wrote a letter to the Home Office. The letters contained new events in the cold war or a change in the political climate. The time to answer my letters became longer each year but each one had the phrase "there is no right to appeal against this decision".

Over the years I kept Knute Royce of Newsday informed. He never wrote a word this story. Following is a letter I wrote to Royce on the day Vera arrived in London.

To: Newsday, May 4, 1989



The phrase, "no right to appeal" is no longer acceptable in Russia, and surely not acceptable to an American. A good journalist with the background and facts of this case, and really the root cause of my deportation, should find a good story here.

Commerce answered my letter to President Bush by asking for additional information. My attempts to sell high strength carbon fibers from Russia has led me to discover that the world now has a serious over capacity problem and prices are dropping like rockets without a wobble. There is no money left for profit so the Russians with their low costs may be able to win a price war. The stuff does not cost much, but the Pentagon has been paying a very high price.

The Congressional committee wants me to tell the whole story to them before they issue the transcript of the hearing that took place seventeen months ago. You know that I still think you cleverly arranged for this hearing to take place for the purposes of your story.

Most of the story was left untold because I decided to wait until my friend, Tom Dick, makes a shipment in August this year of a furnace and equipment much more complex than the embargoed one with the complete knowledge and approval of the British government. New political times are such that the Pentagon will not say a word to their British counterparts about this oven. No cries of even more accurate rockets because Perle is gone.

I left part of the story untold to the press because I still had hopes of being allowed to do business in London. If I embarrassed the government with all the truths they will never allow me to return. To be sure that I will never have to live in London the whole lot of the documents will now be made public. My Russian wife, Vera, is now in London and still dreaming of living there.